My Writing Journey

    By Matthew R. Horn

    Where does this story begin; with an elementary school boy trying to write scary stories with his friends during recess? Does it begin with a college age kid getting inspiration from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, but failing to follow through after being intimidated by the amount of research required to write a book like that? Maybe it begins with a young man, recently graduated from college, sitting down in front of his computer and writing out a five page outline for a fantasy novel that still isn't published or anywhere near ready for publishing. Maybe it goes all the way back to my Mother receiving her Master's in English from Indiana University. After all, it was her who forced me to sit down during my summers off and take writing lessons; lessons which I don't think I ever passed. I've never seen more red ink in my life.

    I think the story starts during the summer when I was around ten or twelve years old, sitting at the dining room table when my friends were out swimming and playing. I've always thought I was a decent writer in school. After going through those summer courses I felt competent at putting pen to paper. I used that knowledge for almost nothing. I passed my language courses using it; little else. It wouldn't be until five years after graduating from college that I really put it to the test.

    I recall reading The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. I felt the uncontrollable urge to try my hand at a fantasy book. I spent the better part of the next three months churning out a 700 page epic fantasy novel. I have no idea why that time was the best time, and of course the writing was horrible. I think the content was great, but I'm not sure how any reader could sift through the poor punctuation and average word usage to figure that out. Since then, I've written a sequel to the fantasy book, two thrillers, and have started numerous others; each one getting better than the last (in my humble opinion).

    My only regret is that I wish I could have learned to love writing then the way I do now. Telling stories using the written word has become more than a hobby. Even if Brighton Publishing had never picked up my book, The Good Fight, I think I would still be writing. Even if I lived my life never having anything published, I would still write. It's a passion, and I hope that one day my writing can work to influence readers in a positive way. Only the Lord knows what is in store. I just hope the adventure continues to be as enjoyable and rewarding as it has been so far.